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Record Details


Record all user names and passwords and store them in a safe place. If your computer crashes you will be able to start playing again much sooner. If anything goes wrong with the casino, you will have all their details.

You can download a FREE Casino Record Keeper.

Know your limits

Know your financial limits and set a budget for the day's play. Just like when you visit a real casino, you may take $300 with you, and when you have spent the money, that is it for the night.


Never ever share user names and passwords with anybody. This is important, because if you win a large amount and have this in credit. and the details have been passed onto a third party, you may lose your winnings! Would you share your online bank details with too many people?

If you are looking for something profitable and enjoyable to do in your spare time, and a way to have a lot of relaxing and exhilarating fun, then you should check out gambling online. There are numerous different sites available on the World Wide Web today that provide different gaming experiences. From easy Bingo to competitive Blackjack tournaments, there is something for everyone. The best casino sites are supported by secure connections and an online customer support department, so you have constant attention and answers to any questions you may have.

When choosing which site to play at you need to examine closely what they offer. Each casino online will offer different types of sign up bonuses and introductory offers to entice you to come and play. It is important to read all of the rules and regulations for each casino that you are contemplating playing at before you commit. Sometimes there are tricks to the special offers and you don't want to be caught out. Make sure that the casino you choose to play at belongs to one of the regulatory bodies, which ensures that there is fair play.

When choosing which games to play at an online casino, you have the added advantage of being able to try out the games before having to commit with real money. In other words, you can choose the practice play (or guest player) option. If you are totally new to the casino world then it is advisable to try out some of the basic games first to get to know how the casinos work. Keno is an obvious choice. When you play keno games, there is not much you, as the player, have to do. The game involves choosing your numbers and then sitting and waiting for the money to roll in if your numbers are hit. It is a pleasant introduction to the world of casinos and is an easy game to grasp.

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